Museum Signage and Logo

Our proposed logo for the Folklore Museum

Suggested application of the visual identity


Totem for the Republic Museum

Poster holder for the Republic Museum

Photomontage and renderings of the totem and the poster holders

Our assignment was to propose something for Catete Street, a street in the Catete neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. We chose to create signage to give more prominence to two museums that are side by side on this street: Museu do Folclore (Folklore Museum) and Museu da República (Republic Museum).

For the Museu do Folclore we designed a new logo and its application on the front windows.

For the Museu da República we created a totem made of steel plates with cuts in a way that relates to the Brazilian flag. We also made external poster holders to inform passers-by about the museum events.

Development of Graphic Design Projects 2 / Esdi, 2007
professor: João de Souza Leite

co-authors: Jorge Teodoro, Mariana Peres